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Everett Dumpster Homes to Destroy 100 ft. Laurelhurst Sequoia for a 4200 sf POS McMonstrosity

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On 4/26/16 11:02 AM, Deodato, John wrote:

Hi Steve,

I thought the subject tree removal, which will take place in a couple of weeks would be worthy of a post on your website. Your site has some very good information and helpful links. Having seen the character of many of the older east side neighborhoods be ruined by this type of predatory development we need more people involved in finding a solution.

The tree in question sits on one of the few undeveloped double lots remaining in the Laurelhurst neighborhood. From 1958-2015 this property at the corner of 39th Ave. & Hazelfern Place was owned by Walter and Jean Kramer. Upon their passing it went into a trust that was responsible for maintaining and eventually selling the property. Unfortunately, the asking price ($950K) almost assured nobody would come along and purchase the property and keep the double lot intact. The house (1008 NE Cesar Chavez Blvd) on the corner lot recently sold to Jamie & Joanie Daubenspeck, and the separate lot (3913 NE Hazelfern) was purchase by Everett Custom Homes Inc. for $410,000 which put it out of my price range.

I have recently been informed by Everett Custom Homes that they plan to build a massive 4,200 sq. ft. house on the empty lot next to my house in Laurelhurst, and will be cutting down a 100 ft. Sequoia in the process. Sound familiar? Photos of the tree and plans of the house going up are attached. It’s bad enough the house in no way fits the character of the neighborhood, but to remove this redwood tree has our entire neighborhood enraged at this developer.

We’ve already met with the builder and were informed that construction will start mid-May, with the first action being the removal of all trees on the property. I have been looking into what legal actions Jamie & I can take, but there seems to be little recourse. If you have any recommendations we’d love to hear from you. I partially blame myself for not having the foresight to have registered this as a Heritage Tree while the Kramer’s were still living there. I personally do not have any issues with Everett Custom Homes Inc., and they have actually been very responsive to our calls & emails. I do plan to verify they have all required permits, including one to remove this tree to be sure they are acting within existing zoning and construction laws.

I have sent similar emails to both Friends of Trees & Save the Portland Redwoods, but have received no reply or feedback. Having seen the news story recently regarding the in-fill development of the vacant lot on Peacock Lane, and the fact that Everett Custom Homes was one of  the developers involved in purchasing that property I felt compelled to send a similar email to both KGW & FOX 12 but never heard back from them either.

We’d appreciate your assistance in getting the word out on your website. Until we have sane zoning laws that limit construction size and density and that protect historic neighborhoods, we will continue to see the character of our city erode by development of this type.

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